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On Demand Webinar: Introducing the New Subcontractor Management Solution for Costpoint

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This on demand webinar will highlight:

  • New enhancements to Costpoint procurement, time , expense, projects and accounting
  • Benefits for the CFO, Subcontractor Manager & Project Manager
  • A demonstration of the Subcontractor Management solution

Many companies rely on subcontractors as part of their strategy to bid and win contracts.   Partnering with and managing those subcontractors is vital to successful contract completion and delivery of profitable projects. So why do they operate in separate project accounting systems? Why have primes relied too heavily on manual processes to form binding agreements and process subcontractor transactions? Have these manual processes slowed the project down enough to disrupt the prime’s billing cycles and ultimately caused a delay in getting paid by their customer? Is there a better way?

Costpoint’s new Subcontractor Management solution is the better way.  Unlike other solutions, the Subcontractor Management solution helps to automate both pre and post award processes when a decision is made to subcontract project work.  With a unique new capability, Work Assignments give prime contractors unmatched financial control over subcontractor transactions – all within an integrated and automated solution that enables better project management and reduction of manual processes for more accurate and timely billing.

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